Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage that stimulates the body's lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, assisting the body to eliminate waste and toxins boosting the immune system. It focuses on the face and neck, and then on the belly where most lymph nodes are.

On the face, it is a natural anti-aging. It firms sagging skin and helps with puffiness. it is also the a great way to erase acne.

On the body, it is the most effective treatment to fight edema due to poor blood circulation. It is excellent for removing water retention and helping with heavy legs (perfect during and after pregnancies). This type of aesthetic massage also removes the appearance of cellulite, called "orange skin" and is a muscle relaxant.

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage is especially beneficial for pre and post surgery. It improves recovery.

Foot Reflexology

"The smile comes from the foot" Chinese wisdom

Foot Reflexology is acupressure used to relieve tension and treat illnesses, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet linked to every part of the body.

It invigorates the organism and brings harmony to energies inside the body while releasing stress and tensions.

Foot Reflexology helps with the following:

  • back problems

  • fluides circulation

  • heavy legs

  • painful menstruation

  • problems linked to menopause

  • headaches

  • sleep issues

Laure's Signature Facial

Laure has developed her own technique, combining her "savoir-faire" and traditional facial practices to make you look your best. (No steam, no extractions.) 

Laure's Signature Facial brings glow and beauty to your face.


Acne Treatment

Boosting collagen production